We take immense pleasure in introducing our company LT Groups from India, has developing apparel since 2007 has acquired an extensive expertise in manufacturing high-end quality knitted garments.
Well established and popular company with an excellenttrack record for the best customer satisfaction. We believe in keeping the customers happyand providing them with the best products with quality as well as competitive price. We are in the process of expansion our business internationally. We undertake bulk operations and specialize in manufacturing custom high quality apparel. We wish to establish a relationship with reputed buyers all over the world.

Our Mission

Our goal is always to create products that are a symbol of quality‚ comfort and perfection. We manufacture products using the most advance technology that helps to cater to the growing demands across the globe.We believe in improving our way of working and our focus has always been to improve lives through innovation.

Our Value

Focus has always been the well being and takes pride in satisfying our customers andnever missing and opportunity that allows it to grow and increase market share. Our success has a lot to do with faith in its employees and the spirit of a team work. All these factors define who we are and what we do.

Resourcing Facilities

We connect with resourcing facilities and select according to the product specification and order placement. We opt for people who has the right attitude and who strive for the best. And our production facilities are certified with following certifications SEDEX & SA 8000

Pricing Policy

Price negotiation is one of our key strength. We get competitively priced products for our clients without any compromise on quality. The price negotiation is kept transparent with the knowledge of the buyer. We take extra care to maintain transparency and competitiveness when it comes to price negotiation.

Product Sampling

We have highly efficient sampling facility. We have an in house sampling department andsampling unit that is supervised by experts. We develop designs as per clients specification. The buyer confirms the fit and style with the help of samples. We make samples for an entire size set. Once the client approves the samples it becomes a benchmark for the remaining work. Latest fashion inputs, technical advances, new fabrics and value additions are always added into our library for buyer reference.


Our management philosophy is human centric. Our primary focus is on delivering high quality products. The schedule of manufacturing is well planned thus reduce delays to the maximum level and we are able to ship the merchandise in time. In nutshell, the efforts we take to streamline the management systems help us to retain the status of responsible manufacturer and exporter of knitwear committed to quality and make our customers happy because of our high professionalism and business ethics.