Our Production is spread across 30000 sq.ft. and has 100 Computerized lock stitch sewing machines.A centralized cutting unit ensures speed & consistent quality and includes auto fabric spreading table and band knife cutting. The capacity of production per day is at 6000 units per day.


Our sister concern in the spinning segment have installed a total capacity of 1,00,000 spindles where the counts range from 10s to 40s. We make sure that only the highest standard of the yarns are produced and used in the garments we manufacture. The factories also has the best machineries from all over the world with a highly automated facility

Compacting & Dyeing

  • Imported softflow Fabric dyeing Machines with a capacity of Processing 3 tonnes per day.
  • Imported garment dyeing machines with a capacity of 2 tonnes per day.

At LT group we have Imported Compacting Machines with a capacity of 3 tonnes per day. Well equipped with latest technology.


Our Printing Unit is equipped with advanced automatic printing machines with a capacity of 3000 units per day. Strong labour force enables quality printing at a good pace.


Our embroidery unit is equipped with 4 Nos of Multihead, Multi Thread Tajima make Machines from Japan. These machines can also be used with sequin attachment. This unit has a capacity of 4000 units per day.

Checking & Packaging

Our checking and packing divisions are provisioned with the prefect quality, as we carry out the inspections in every single stage of the process to ensure the highest possible standards. Garments are ironed well with the right temperatures to make sure we give a perfect finish to the garments. Packing is done with care, made sure the quantities are maintained right in all stages and proper adhesives are used in the carton boxes to ensure a safe travel of the goods.

Office Showroom

Our showroom is a well setup place that has properly visible display zones. To facilitate our clients needs we’ve also made sure we have the collection of the required mannequins inorder to help check the fitting of our samples better. A cozy room, with all amenities for a comfortable meeting.